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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
URCAS_2003.pdf.jpg2003-04-29T16:13:43Z2003 URCAS ProgramGottlieb, Eric I.; Henager, Paul E. (Eric); McGowan, Thomas G. (Tom); Stewart, James (Jack); Stohr, Alison
URCAS_2004.pdf.jpg2004-04-28T16:08:44Z2004 URCAS ProgramGottlieb, Eric I.; Henager, Paul E. (Eric); McGowan, Thomas G. (Tom); Singh, Sonia; Jameson, Katherine (Katie); Moody, Lindsay
Urcas_program_cover_2005.jpg.jpg2005-04-29T18:32:11Z2005 URCAS ProgramHarter, Courtenay L.; Henager, Paul E. (Eric); Mouron, Christopher G. (Chris); McGowan, Thomas G. (Tom); Jameson, Katherine (Katie)
Urcas_program_cover_2006.jpg.jpg2006-04-28T15:20:39Z2006 URCAS ProgramHarter, Courtenay L.; Mouron, Christopher G. (Chris); Nkashama, Sonia
2007_URCAS_Program.pdf.jpg2007-04-272007 URCAS ProgramHarter, Courtenay L.; McKinney, Carl N. (Nick); Pierce, Judith A. (Judy); Wheeler, Kristin
URCAS08_survey_report.pdf.jpg20082008 Report on URCAS-
Urcas Flyer.jpg.jpg2008-03-052008 URCAS Flyer-
URCAS_Invitation.jpg.jpg2008-05-13T19:30:08Z2008 URCAS Invitation-
2008_URCAS_Program.pdf.jpg2008-04-25T19:24:54Z2008 URCAS ProgramHarter, Courtenay L.; Viano, Ann M.
2010_URCAS_Program.jpg2010-04-302010 URCAS ProgramBoyle, Sarah A.; Cafiero, Mauricio L.; Harter, Courtenay L.; McNary-Zak, Bernadette; Milazzo, Stephanie; White, Katherine K. (Katie); Wetzel, Christopher G. (Chris); Viano, Ann M.
URCAS_2012_final_Program.pdf.jpg2012-04-272012 URCAS ProgramLoth, Laura J.; Mattson, Michelle M.; Malouf, Natalie; Sanders, Betsy; Viano, Ann M.; White, Katherine K. (Katie)
URCAS_Program_2013.pdf.jpg2013-03-262013 URCAS ProgramShade, Patrick A. (Pat); Muesse, Mark W.; Jasperson, Amy E.; Collins, Michael D.; Sanders, Betsy; Viano, Ann M.; Allen, April L.; Pierce, Judith A. (Judy); Mattson, Michelle M.
URCASProgram2016_Final.pdf.jpg2016-04-292016 URCAS ProgramCafiero, Mauricio L.; Dishuck, Carolyn; Garner, Lori A.; Harter, Courtenay L.; Kirlin, Phillip B. (Phil); Pascual-Argente, Clara; Pinckney, Donna (Calli); White, Katherine K. (Katie)
20180428_URCAS_program.pdf.jpg2018-04-272018 URCAS ProgramCafiero, Mauricio L.; Horgen, Dana; Loth, Laura J.; Oliveira, Jaqueline M.; Pike, David A.; Rasmussen, Ryan J.; Zagorchev, Andrey G.; Magee, Caroline A.; Zaravar, AliReza
201804_Gorena_Kiefer_4-String6-StringRedAmpBlueBass_Ad.pdf.jpg2018-04-274-String, 6-String, Red Amp, Blue Bass: My Experiences at Martin MusicKus, Susan M.; Gorena, Kiefer T.
201804_Hurley_Connor_A Measured Approach_Research Paper.pdf.jpg2018-04-27A Measured Approach to the Death PenaltyEldridge, Anna S.; Hurley, Connor N.
201804_Hardeman_Bolanos_Hayden_Brianna_Cinthya_Michalah_RefugeeMentalHealth_slidedeck.pdf.jpg2018-04-27An Examination of a Global Failure to Secure the Rights and Protect the Mental Health of Refugee ChildrenWalton, Marsha D.; Hardeman, Brianna M. (Bri); Bolanos Zamora, Cinthya V.; Hayden, Michalah M.
201804_Sharp_Phoebe_1MHzHoffmeister_slidedeck.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Analysis of backscatter signals from bone using a two parameter and three parameter exponential fitHoffmeister, Brent K.; Gray, Aubrey J.; Sharp, Phoebe C.
201804_Elliott_Hope_SmokePlantsGC-MS_slidedeck.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Analysis of Smoke Plants using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry in Archaeological Residue AnalysisRuss, Jon L.; Elliott, Hope E.
CODA_Fellows_Application.pdf.jpg2008-05-13T20:11:40ZApplication for the CODACenter for Outreach in the Development of the Arts