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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dolph and Jessie Smith.JPG.jpg1971-11-21Dolph and Jesse Smith, 1971Smith, Dolph; Smith, Jesse; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Yellin, David G.
20080530_Dorothy_Cox.JPG.jpg2008-05-30Dorothy Cox, 2008Cox, Dorothy; Turner, Lauren; Jenkins, Brittany (Britt)
Dorothy Crook.JPG.jpg2007-05-21Dorothy Crook, 2007Crook, Dorothy; Davis, Francesca; Jeffries, Joshua
Ed Ray.JPG.jpg1969-04-23Ed Ray, Managing Editor of Memphis Press-Scimitar, 1969Ray, Ed; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Beifuss, Joan Turner
Eddie Jenkins.JPG.jpg1969-01-04Eddie Jenkins, Memphis State University BSA, 1969Jenkins, Eddie; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Wade, Walter
20060616_Eddie_Mae_Hawkins.jpg.jpg2006-06-16Eddie Mae Hawkins, 2006Hawkins, Eddie Mae; Lanier, James (Jim)
20090715_Edie_Hall.PNG.jpg2009-07-15Edie Hall, 2009Hall, Edie; Saba, Elizabeth
20070725_Ed_Hailey.JPG.jpg2007-07-25Edward Hailey, 2007Hailey, Ed; Hassan, Khadija; Davis, Francesca
eric lincoln.PNG.jpg1971-11-11Eric C. Lincoln, Professor of Sociology and Religion, 1971Lincoln, Eric C.; Yellin, David G.; Yellin, Carol Lynn
20090708_Evelyn_Strong.PNG.jpg2009-07-08Evelyn Strong, 2009Strong, Evelyn; Scales, Marrissa
20080709_Frances_and_Benjamin_Hooks.JPG.jpg2008-07-09Frances and Benjamin Hooks, 2008Hooks, Frances; Hooks, Benjamin L. (Benjamin Lawson), 1925-2010; Smith, Tiffani; James, Holly
20080624_Frank_McRae.JPG.jpg2008-06-24Frank McRae, 2008McRae, Frank Lewis; Neimeyer, Eric; Turner, Lauren
20130321_Fred_Beeson.JPG.jpg2013-03-21Fred Beeson, 2013Beeson, Fred; Sullivan, Jenna
Fred Davis.JPG.jpg2008-05-29Fred Davis, 2008Davis, Fred, approximately 1937-; Jenkins, Brittany (Britt); Jacobs, Daniel
Fred Davis May 1968.JPG.jpg1968-05-22Fred Davis, Memphis City Council, 1968Davis, Fred, approximately 1937-; Curley, Jack
20110623_Fred_Morton.JPG.jpg2011-06-23Fred Morton, 2011Morton, Fred; Yarbrough, David; Strauser, Matt
20080715_George_Hunt.JPG.jpg2008-07-15George Hunt, 2008Hunt, George; Turner, Lauren; James, Holly
20071022_George_Lapides.JPG.jpg2007-10-22George Lapides, 2007Lapides, George; Jacobs, Daniel
20080407_Georgia_King.JPG.jpg2008-04-07Georgia King, 2008King, Georgia Anna; Eskew, Courtney; Majors, Cate
20171118_Chick_History_Bridgeforth.JPG.jpg2017-11-18Gertrude Bridgeforth, 2017Bridgeforth, Gertrude; Haley, Sydnee N.