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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20080626_A_C_Wharton.JPG.jpg2008-06-26A. C. Wharton, 2008Wharton, A C, Jr., 1944-; James, Holly; Smith, Tiffani
Annah Lee Early.PNG.jpg1979-04-24Annah Early, member of Evergreen Presbyterian Church, 1979Early, Annah L.; Faudree, Pat; Tilly, Bette
20080701_Anne_Shafer.JPG.jpg2008-07-01Anne Shafer, 2008Shafer, Anne Whalen; Richey, Janeesse; Scales, Marrissa
20100305_Anne_Stokes.JPG.jpg2010-03-05Anne Stokes, 2010Stokes, Anne; Eskew, Courtney
Annie Tucker.png.jpg2011-07-30Annie Tucker, 2011Tucker, Annie; Jones, Stephanie; King, Jamie
20080612_Arilla_Miller.JPG.jpg2008-06-12Arilla Miller, 2008Miller, Arilla; Richey, Janeese; Neimeyer, Eric
20070625_Art_Gilliam.JPG.jpg2007-06-25Art Gilliam, 2007Gilliam, Art; Davis, Francesca; James, Holly
2017118_Berry_Mitchell.JPG.jpg2017-11-18Berry Mitchell, 2017Mitchell, Berry; Haley, Sydnee N.
bert ferguson.JPG.jpg1968-06-13Bert Ferguson, President of WDIA Radio, 1968Ferguson, Bert
Bill Ross.JPG.jpg1968-06-04Bill Ross, Memphis AFL-CIO Labor Council, June 4th 1968Ross, Bill; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Thomas, Bill
20070727_Bill_Short.JPG.jpg2007-07-27Bill Short, 2007Short, Bill; Jeffries, Joshua
20080731_Billy_Holmes.JPG.jpg2008-07-31Billy Holmes, 2008Holmes, Billy; Westbrook, Paris; James, Holly
Joseph Durick.JPG.jpg1968-05-24Bishop Joseph Durick, Project Equality, 1968Durick, Joseph A. (Joseph Aloysius), 1914-1994; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Schultz, Judy; Ossler, Tony
Bobby Doctor.JPG.jpg1968-06-17Bobby Doctor, U.s. Civil Rights Commission, 1968Doctor, Bobby; Thomas, Bill; Yellin, David G.
BW_tn.JPG.jpg2007-11-16Brenda Webber and Russ Wigginton, StoryCorps Interview in 2007Webber, Brenda; Wigginton, Russell Thomas
charlie peete jr.PNG.jpg2004-06-22Charlie Peete Jr., Memphis Dutch Treat Luncheon, 2004Peete, Charles S. (Charlie); Gritter, Elizabeth
Coretta Scott King Abernathy.JPG.jpg1968Coretta Scott King and Ralph Abernathy Speak at Mason TempleAbernathy, Ralph, 1926-1990; King, Coretta Scott, 1927-2006
Dan Kuykendall.JPG.jpg1968-08-30Dan Kuykendall, U.S Congressman, 1968Yellin, David G.; Thomas, Bill
death of bessie smith.PNG.jpg1968"Death of Bessie Smith" Cast Discussion, c. 1968Evans, Al; Yellin, David G.; Henderson, Eddie; Terry, Thomas; Lumberg, Anne; Faign, Eda
20090909_Desiree_Robinson.JPG.jpg2009-09-09Desiree Robinson, 2009Robinson, Desiree