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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
walter armstrong.PNG.jpg1982-05-11Walter Armstrong, Board of Education President, 1982Armstrong, Walter P., Jr.; Faist, Thomas
20070806_Walter_Bailey.JPG.jpg2007-08-06Walter Bailey, 2007Bailey, Walter; Jeffries, Joshua; Smith, Tiffani
WDIA Memorial March.JPG.jpg1968-04-08WDIA Radio Reports on Memorial March, 1968WDIA (Radio station : Memphis, Tenn.)
WHBQ March.JPG.jpg1969-03-16WHBQ-TV Press Conference, March 1969Canale, Philip Michael Jr., 1917-1997; Stevens, Don; WHBQ-TV (Television station : Memphis, Tenn.)
William Lucy.JPG.jpg1968-11-01William Lucy, AFSCME Headquarter's Staff, 1968Lucy, William, 1933-
william johnson.PNG.jpg1982-02-22William Johnson, President of Memphis NAACP, 1982Johnson, William; Faist, Thomas
20080811_Willie_Herenton.JPG.jpg2008-08-11Willie W. Herenton, 2008Herenton, W. W. (Willie W.), 1943-; Jacobs, Daniel; Smith, Tiffani
WMPS April 16th.JPG.jpg1968-04-16WMPS On-the-spot newscasts, April 16th 1968Mays, Benjamin E. (Benjamin Elijah), 1894-1984; WMPS (Radio station : Bartlett, Tenn.)
WMPS April 5th.JPG.jpg1968-04-05WMPS On-the-spot newscasts, April 5th 1968Lawson, James M., 1928-; WMPS (Radio station : Bartlett, Tenn.)
WMPS April 8.JPG.jpg1968-04-08WMPS On-the-spot newscasts, April 8th 1968WMPS (Radio station : Bartlett, Tenn.)
WMPS March 28th.JPG.jpg1968-03-28WMPS On-the-spot Newscasts, March 28th 1968WMPS (Radio station : Bartlett, Tenn.)
WMPS March 29th.JPG.jpg1968-03-29WMPS On-the-spot newscasts, March 29th 1968WMPS (Radio station : Bartlett, Tenn.)
Memphis Cares.JPG.jpg1968-04-07WMPS Radio "Memphis Cares" at Crump Stadium, 1968WMPS (Radio station : Bartlett, Tenn.)
WMPS Radio MLK Funeral.JPG.jpg1968-04-19WMPS Radio - MLK Funeral Service Atlanta, GA, 1968WMPS (Radio station : Bartlett, Tenn.)
Wyeth Chandler.JPG.jpg1968-06-20Wyeth Chandler, Memphis City Council Member, 1968Chandler, Wyeth; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Beifuss, Joan Turner