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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
OPE-09_004_01.jpg.jpg2017IS Memphis at the Crossroads? (Wake Up Memphis - Incomplete)Sternberg, Irma O.
Isaac Tigrett copy.jpg.jpg1997-05Isaac Tigrett-
FSPC_Measure_596.jpg.jpg2011-06-02IsabellaMeadows, (Joseph) Kenny, 1790-1874, del.; Mote, William Henry, fl. 1830-1858, sculp.
FSPC_Measure_606.jpg.jpg2011-06-03IsabellaWright, John William, 1802-1848, del.; Mote, William Henry, fl. 1830-1858, sculp.
FSPC_Measure_601.jpg.jpg2011-06-03Isabella and AngeloSmirke, Richard, 1778-1815, del.; Starling, William Francis, fl. 1832-1883, sculp.
FSPC_Measure_604.jpg.jpg2011-06-03Isabella and LucioPaine of Islington, photographer
FSPC_Measure_608.jpg.jpg2011-06-03Isabella and LucioPaine of Islington, photographer
FSPC_Actors_667.jpg.jpg2011-06-22Isabella GlynPaine of Islington, photographer
2015X-088_front_detail_1.jpg.jpg1965Israel Museum exhibitions posterArdon, Mordechai
OPE-17_032.jpg.jpg1971-09-15"Issue Is Appealed In Park Route Fight"-
Medal023_Obverse.jpg.jpg1975Issued by the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale di Stato Michelangiolo (Italian Commercial Technical Institute), Rome, Italy, circa 1970'sSigned "S. Johnson," Italy
OPE-17_034.jpg.jpg1971-09-04"Issues Listed For Court Case On Park Route"-
DSCN2877.JPG.jpg2005-07-06T20:27:05ZIT and Library Staff Celebrating "the Move"Rone, John '71
20160212_construction_painting_boutwell_dylan.jpg.jpg2016-02-04It Looks Like a Portrait of George WashingtonBoutwell, Dylan
Brass_Lynx_Concert_Poster_2012_001.pdf.jpg2012-12It's a Brass Lynx Christmas Poster-
OPE-30_020.jpg.jpg1977-11-18"It's a Tunnel or Nothing, State Told"Cunningham, Morris
20170228_beautiful_where_you_are_1-600x600.jpg.jpg2017-04-01It's Beautiful Where you Are-
OPE-21_044.jpg.jpg1973-06-21"It's the State's Turn In Expressway Game"Cunningham, Morris; Bennett, William
2006_fall Ital_101-01.pdf.jpg2008-01-10T19:20:33ZITAL 101-01, Elementary Italian, Fall 2006Mutzi, Angela Balducci
2008-09-05T18:50:58ZITAL 101-01, Elementary Italian, Fall 2007Albertson, Hanna