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19890310_Ladies_At_The_Alamo-CAST_201.jpg.jpg1989-03-10Ladies at the Alamo-
19890310_Ladies_At_The_Alamo_202.jpg.jpg1989-03-10Ladies at the Alamo-
19890310_Ladies_At_The_Alamo_2041.jpg.jpg1989-03-10Ladies at the Alamo-
19890310_Ladies_At_The_Alamo_2042.jpg.jpg1989-03-10Ladies at the Alamo-
19890310_Ladies_At_The_Alamo200.jpg.jpg1989-03-10Ladies at the Alamo-
19890310_Ladies_At_The_Alamo_203.jpg.jpg1989-03-10Ladies at the Alamo-
19890310_Ladies_At_The_Alamo_209.jpg.jpg1989-03-10Ladies at the Alamo-
19890310_Ladies_At_The_Alamo_205.jpg.jpg1989-03-10Ladies at the Alamo-
19890310_Ladies_At_The_Alamo_208.jpg.jpg1989-03-10Ladies at the Alamo-
19890310_Ladies_At_The_Alamo_210.jpg.jpg1989-03-10Ladies at the Alamo-
19890310_Ladies_At_The_Alamo_207.jpg.jpg1989-03-10Ladies at the Alamo-
FSPC_RIII_201.jpg.jpg2009-11-19T22:15:11ZLady Anne, Act 1, Scene 2.Egleton, William Henry, fl. 1833-1862, sculp.; Wright, John William, 1802-1848, del.
FSPC_RIII_198.jpg.jpg2009-11-19T22:05:01ZLady Anne, Act 4, SceneLeslie, Charles Robert, 1794-1859, R. A., del.; Thomson, James, 1788-1850, sculp.
78Homecoming5.jpg.jpg1978Lady Elizabeth Ray and Mike Berton, 1978-
1978_Kinney_001.jpg.jpg1978Lady Elizabeth Ray Romano '79 and Daniel Cogswell '79, Kinney coordinators-
FSPC_HenryVI_part_unknown_765.jpg.jpg1866Lady Grey in Henry VI, Act three, scene 2Stephanoff, Francis P., 1790-1860, del.
FSPC_Mac_143.jpg.jpg2009-11-10T16:39:49ZLady Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 5.Chalon, Alfred Edward, 1780-1860, R. A., painter; Cook, Henry, 1819-ca. 1890, sculp.
FSPC_Mac_144.jpg.jpg2009-11-10T16:49:00ZLady Macbeth, Act 2, Scene 2.Meadows, (Joseph) Kenny, 1790-1874, del.; Mote, William Henry, fl. 1830-1858, sculp.
FSPC_Mac_141.jpg.jpg2009-11-10T16:06:04ZLady Macbeth, Act V, Scene ISingleton, Henry, 1766-1839, del.; Taylor, Charles, 1756-1823, excudit; Nutter, William, 1759?-1802, sculp.
FSPC_Mac_132.jpg.jpg2009-11-04T20:00:08ZLady Macbeth, Doctor and GentlewomanWestall, Richard, 1765-1836, R. A., del.; Starling, William Francis, fl. 1832-1883, sculp.