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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
FSPC_Measure_592.jpg.jpg1785-03-10Mrs. Siddons in IsabellaRamberg, Johann Heinrich, 1763-1840, del.; Hall, J., sculp.
FSPC_Mac_127.jpg.jpg2009-11-04T19:15:53ZMrs. Siddons in Lady Macbeth.Ramberg, Johann Heinrich, 1763-1840, del.; Delattre, J. M., 1745-1840, sculp.
FSPC_HV_068.jpg.jpg2009-11-10T19:19:57ZMrs. Siddons in Princess KatherineBurney, Edward Francisco, 1760-1848, del.; Thornthwaite, John, sculp.
FSPC_JC_088.jpg.jpg2009-11-09T21:06:36ZMrs. Ward in PortiaRamberg, Johann Heinrich, 1763-1840, del.; Sherwin, Charles, sculp.
FSPC_WT_118.jpg.jpg2009-11-16T20:28:25ZMrs. Warner as Hermione-
FSPC_WT_119.jpg.jpg2009-11-16T20:28:12ZMrs. Warner as HermionePaine of Islington, photographer
FSPC_Alls_485.jpg.jpg2011-02-25T03:09:05ZMrs. Warren in the Character of HelenaBrown, M., del.; Thornthwaite, John, sculp.
FSPC_Titus_302.jpg.jpg2010-04-14T21:30:24ZMrs. Wells in the character of LaviniaThornthwaite, John, sculp.
FSPC_Merry_438.jpg.jpg2011-02-14Mrs. Winstanley as Mrs. QuicklyHollis, Thomas, 1818-1843, sculp.
FSPC_Shrew_541.jpg.jpg2011-03-08T03:49:38ZMrs. Wrighten in KatharinaRamberg, Johann Heinrich, 1763-1840, del.; Thornthwaite, John, sculp.
Life_homecoming_Troutts_ms_rhodes_20031012_0186.1.JPG.jpg2003-10-12Ms Rhodes at Homecoming 2003-
Life_homecoming_Troutts_ms_rhodes_20031012_0186.JPG.jpg2003Ms Rhodes at Homecoming 2003-
FSPC_MuchAdo_374.jpg.jpg2010-12-01T05:36:16ZMuch Ado About NothingPrice, G.E., sculp.
Much_Ado_203_dlynx.jpg.jpg1999-10-08Much Ado About Nothing-
Much_Ado_202_dlynx.jpg.jpg1999-10-08Much Ado About Nothing-
FSPC_MuchAdo_378.jpg.jpg2010-12-03T04:14:51ZMuch Ado About NothingPrice, G.E., sculp.
FSPC_MuchAdo_363.jpg.jpg2010-11-29T04:44:11ZMuch Ado About NothingHamilton, William, 1751-1801, del.; Starling, William Francis, fl. 1832-1883, sculp.
FSPC_MuchAdo_381.jpg.jpg2010-12-03T04:59:32ZMuch Ado About NothingPeters, William, del.; Heath, James, 1788-1850, sculp.
FSPC_MuchAdo_359.jpg.jpg2010-11-29T04:02:27ZMuch Ado About Nothing-
FSPC_MuchAdo_365.jpg.jpg2010-12-01T03:34:02ZMuch Ado About NothingStephanoff, Francis P., 1790-1860, del.; Heath, Charles, 1785-1848, sculp.