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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011_fall_BUS_647-01_12172.pdf.jpg2011-08-24BUS 647-01, Legal and Regulatory Enviornment of Business, Fall 2011Lovell, Milton L.
2012_fall_BUS_647-01_13348.pdf.jpg2012-08-24BUS 647-01, Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business, Fall 2012Lovell, Milton L.
2012_spring_BUS_648-01_22263.pdf.jpg2012-01-11BUS 648-01, Systems/Auditing, Spring 2012Church, Pamela H.
2012_spring_BUS_680-01_22264.pdf.jpg2012-01-11BUS 680-01, Ethics: Business and Society, Spring 2012Lovell, Milton L.
As the World Turns bus__20020926_.jpg.jpg2002-09-26Bus used by the film crew of As the World Turns-
2012_fall_BUS_246-01_13307.pdf.jpg2012-08-24BUS246-01, Law of Basic Commercial Transactions, Fall 2012-
OPE-17_011.jpg.jpg1971-07-19"Business Area's Effect On City Taxes Studied"Riker, Jefferson
1960_Miscellaneous_Items_117660.jpg.jpg1960Business Cards and Ticket Stubs, 1960sTop Ten Club (Memphis, Tenn.); Pantaze Drug Store (Memphis, Tenn.); Mitchell Hotel (Memphis, Tenn.); Mitchell's Grill (Memphis, Tenn.); Club Handy (Memphis, Tenn.); Gilmore Motors, Inc. (Memphis, Tenn.); The Watch Clinic (Memphis, Tenn.); Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
BusinessIntern_2010.jpg.jpg2010Business Intern sitting at a computer-
D3813.jpg.jpg2011-06Bust of BalbinusTronchin, Francesca C.
D3812.jpg.jpg2011-06Bust of BalbinusTronchin, Francesca C.
D3713.jpg.jpg2011-06Bust of Marcus AureliusTronchin, Francesca C.
D3722.jpg.jpg2011-06Bust of MenanderTronchin, Francesca C.
D3723.jpg.jpg2011-06Bust of Menander DetailTronchin, Francesca C.
EMKATDESIGN.jpg.jpg2017-09-30But Do Aliens Believe in Me?Harvey, Emily
By_the_Numbers_for_Heather_2012.pdf.jpg2012By the Numbers fact sheet-
D4058.jpg.jpg2011-06Byzantine Capital in the Hagia SophiaTronchin, Francesca C.
D4121.jpg.jpg2011-06Byzantine Gate at HierapolisTronchin, Francesca C.
D4120.jpg.jpg2011-06Byzantine Gate at HierapolisTronchin, Francesca C.