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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
coin_027_obverse.jpg.jpg2016RIC V 106-
coin_009_obverse.jpg.jpg2016RPC 4180-
coin_015_obverse.jpg.jpg2016RIC II Trajan 331-
coin_020_obverse.jpg.jpg2016RIC IX 41a-
coin_017_obverse.jpg.jpg2016RRC 281/1-
coin_112_obverse.jpg.jpg2016Wladislaw II Denar-
coin_113_obverse.jpg.jpg2016Richard I AR Denier-
coin_067_obverse.jpg.jpg2016RIC VI 158-2A-
coin_054_obverse.jpg.jpg2016RIC II, Vespasian 921.-
coin_065_obverse.jpg.jpg2016Julian II AE3-4-


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