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The College Archives is a collection of non-current records of the College that are preserved because of their enduring or legal value. The College Archives strives to ensure the preservation of documents and other materials that reflect the College's origins, development and the activities and achievements of its officers, staff, faculty, students, alumni, and benefactors. The College Archives is the legal repository for all College records created, received, accumulated or used in the conduct of College business or activities or of an individual directly associated with the College. These materials show evidence of the organization, function, decisions, policies, procedure or operations of the College, department or individual who created the item.


Sub-communities within this community

Collections in this community


Documents relating to the Burrow Library

Documents Detailing the History of the Burrow Library

Prayers at Work ( Old collection)

These Prayers are sent out weekly by email.

Rhodes College Portrait Collection

Images of Portraits on the Rhodes College Campus


Rhodes College Postcard Collection

Postcards of Rhodes College and its community