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Title: MATH 261-01, Linear Algebra, Spring 2012
Authors: Sheard, Michael
Keywords: Syllabus;Curriculum;Academic departments;Text;Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of;2012 Spring
Issue Date: 11-Jan-2012
Publisher: Memphis, Tenn. : Rhodes College
Series/Report no.: Syllabi CRN;22403
Abstract: Textbook: Anton & Rorres, Elementary Linear Algebra, Applications Version, 10th edition. Grades Course grades will be determined on the basis of two midterms, a final exam, and weekly homework assignments. All graded activities will be combined into a percentage of possible points (details available if you wish) that will be converted to a course grade on a scale that is at least as generous as the following: 95 – 100 A 80 – 82 B– 63 – 65 D+ 91 – 95 A– 78 – 80 C+ < 63 D, D–, or F (depending in part on a subjective 89 – 91 B+ 67 – 78 C assessment of your work) 82 – 89 B 65 – 67 C– Final exam is Friday, May 4, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Note that this is late in the exam week. The final will not be offered any other time – please plan accordingly. Midterm exams are scheduled for Tuesdays, February 14 and March 27.
Description: This syllabus was submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs by the course instructor. Uploaded by Archives RSA Josephine Hill.
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