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Title: MATH 114-01, Math for the Life Sciences, Fall 2012
Authors: Bodine, Erin
Keywords: Syllabus;Curriculum;Academic departments;Text;Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of;2012 Spring
Issue Date: 11-Jan-2012
Publisher: Memphis, Tenn. : Rhodes College
Series/Report no.: Syllabi CRN;22735
Abstract: Mathematics for the Life Sciences provides an introduction to a variety of mathematical topics used in analyzing problems arising in the biological sciences, without using calculus. The mathematics covered in this course includes descriptive statistics, linear and exponential regressions, matrix algebra, matrix modeling, basic probability theory, and discrete difference equations. Some of the biological applications we will explore include modeling the population sizes of various species over time, describing how the concentration of a drug in the body changes over time, modeling the process of ecological succession, predicting the likelihood of a false-positive or false negative in medical testing, and modeling the frequency of a certain allele in a population over time.
Description: This syllabus was submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs by the course instructor. Uploaded by Archives RSA Josephine Hill.
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