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201804_John_Seabelo_Chabo_DeafBusiness_Poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Deaf Entrepreneurship: How Policy Makers Can Support Deaf EntrepreneursGarner, Lori A.; John, Seabelo C.
201804_barringer_austin_exploringRelationsAmongLaurentCoefficients_slidedeck.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Exploring Linear Relations Among Laurent Coefficients of Certain Hilbert SeriesSeaton, Christopher W. (Chris); Barringer, Austin T.
201804_Arnold_Natalie_MiracleGroCrayfish_presentation.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The effect of Miraclegro on agonistic behavior in crayfishHaddad, Stephanie; Arnold, Natalie W.; Fortson, Jada L.; Gough, Christine E. (Chris); Wood, Samantha D.
201804_Bartlett_Alexandra_DNAMethylationAndAging_Poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27DNA Methylation and Health Outcome in an Aging CohortSnyder, Charles M. (Charlie); Bartlett, Alexandra H. (Alex); Mozhui, Khyobeni
201804_Song_Yi_weightmatrices_slidedeck.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Characterization of weight matrices that induce torus actions of different propertiesSeaton, Christopher W. (Chris); Song, Yi
201804_Magee_Caroline_DesignofNovelInhibitorsfortheAldehydeDehydrogenases_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Design of Novel Inhibitors for the Aldehyde DehydrogenasesCafiero, Mauricio L.; Magee, Caroline A.; Selner, Emma F.; Peterson, Larryn W.
201804_Roark_Evan_HeadacheClinic_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Characteristics of patients referred to Headache Clinic at Le Bonheur Children's HospitalKabelik, David; Roark, Evan L.; Koral, Lara; Polk, Tonya; Zarski, Christy; Ledet, Davonna; Smith, Webb
201804_williams_griffin_overtongapdynamics_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Treefall Gap Dynamics in an Urban Old Growth ForestPike, David A.; Williams, Griffin L.; Long, Marilyn I.; Hulsey, Colleen E.; Deery, Erin L.; Wilson, Mac; Massad, Tara
201804_Williamson_McLean_ElucidatingPaxBRole_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Elucidating the Role of Paxillin B in Septation in Aspergillus nidulansHill, Terry W.; Jackson-Hayes, Loretta; Williamson, McLean H. (Mac)
201804_Wittwer_Emmaline_DielsAlderReaction_Poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Diels-Alder Reaction to Synthesize Biologically Active MoleculesHorgen, Dana; Wittwer, Emmaline A.