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201804_Arnold_Natalie_MiracleGroCrayfish_presentation.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The effect of Miraclegro on agonistic behavior in crayfishHaddad, Stephanie; Arnold, Natalie W.; Fortson, Jada L.; Gough, Christine E. (Chris); Wood, Samantha D.
201804_Wittwer_Emmaline_DielsAlderReaction_Poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Diels-Alder Reaction to Synthesize Biologically Active MoleculesHorgen, Dana; Wittwer, Emmaline A.
201804_Hardeman_Bolanos_Hayden_Brianna_Cinthya_Michalah_RefugeeMentalHealth_slidedeck.pdf.jpg2018-04-27An Examination of a Global Failure to Secure the Rights and Protect the Mental Health of Refugee ChildrenWalton, Marsha D.; Hardeman, Brianna M. (Bri); Bolanos Zamora, Cinthya V.; Hayden, Michalah M.
201804_Sharp_Phoebe_1MHzHoffmeister_slidedeck.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Analysis of backscatter signals from bone using a two parameter and three parameter exponential fitHoffmeister, Brent K.; Gray, Aubrey J.; Sharp, Phoebe C.
201804_Healey_Danielle_N-Myc_PolG_Analysis_Poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The Effects of Mitochondrial Mutation of TumorigenesisEckenhoff, William T. (Will); Healey, Danielle N.; Li-Harms, Xiujie; Skonhovd, Hailey; Kundu, Mondira
201804_Kasetty_Keerthana_EffectsofthePresenceofLightonCricketFeedingBehavior_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The Effect of Light on Cricket Feeding BehaviorJaslow, Carolyn R.; Kasetty, Keerthana; Mullarkey, Ashley J.; Houley, Ethan W.
201804_Peterson_Natalie_MusicandSpace_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Levitt Shell Audience Development ResearchYu, Shaolu; Peterson, Natalie A.
201804_Shamambo_Maleelo_Ntn1InGranuleNeuronMigration_researchposter.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Granule neuron differentiation status and substrate modulate the Netrin-1 signaling response in the cerebellumDougherty, Kelly A.; Shamambo, Maleelo (Lelo); Laumonnerie, Christophe; Solecki, David
201804_Alwis_Yavin_EmotionalInfluenceEnsemble_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Emotional judgments of individual scenes are influenced by unintentional averagingHaberman, Jason M.; Alwis, Yavin V.
HomeScreen.jpg2018-04-27Designing for Data: 3D Video Game to Gain Knowledge of the Ancient MinoansClinton, Miram G.; Floyd, Darren D.; Clark, Kathryn A. (Katie); Wang, Baobao