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201804_Arnold_Natalie_MiracleGroCrayfish_presentation.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The effect of Miraclegro on agonistic behavior in crayfishHaddad, Stephanie; Arnold, Natalie W.; Fortson, Jada L.; Gough, Christine E. (Chris); Wood, Samantha D.
201804_Geddati_Michael_AchetaDomesticus_Poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The evaluation of Acheta domesticus hiding preferenceHaddad, Stephanie; Geddati, Michael A.; Lawson, Lamiorkor A. (Ameley); Waddell, Brandon R.
201804_Petrinjak_Kate_Hansen_Meghan_Vernon_Elizabeth_OptimalpHDuckweed_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Control of environmental pH and its effects on duckweed leaf growthKabelik, David; Petrinjak, Katherine S. (Kate); Vernon, Elizabeth S.; Hansen, Meghan L.
201804_Murphree_Anna_ExoplanetImaging_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Speckle movement by deformable mirror as exoplanet direct imaging techniqueYoung, Elizabeth J.; Murphree, Anna M.
201804_Kasetty_Keerthana_EffectsofthePresenceofLightonCricketFeedingBehavior_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The Effect of Light on Cricket Feeding BehaviorJaslow, Carolyn R.; Kasetty, Keerthana; Mullarkey, Ashley J.; Houley, Ethan W.
201804_Zheng_Lin_Aeneid_Handout.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The Aeneid on Its Own TermsJansen, Joseph N. (Joe); Zheng, Linhao (Lin)
201804_Naseer_Lyba_LichenInSunlight_Poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Effects of sunlight on lichen growth on rough-bark treesHaddad, Stephanie; Naseer, Lyba A.; Brookover, Zoe S.; Pellegrino, Frank M.
201804_Cheang_Cohn_Tomeny_CrayfishCaffeineEthanol_URCAS.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The effect of ethanol and caffeine on crayfish aggressionHaddad, Stephanie; Bochow, Kathleen E.; Cheang, Cui Shan Amanda; Cohn, Maryella F.; Tomeny, Grace E.
201804_Larsen_Margaret_CricketResearchBio141_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27What will be the effect of the number of times cricket's chirp if temperature is manipulated in the environment?Kabelik, David; Cheney, Cody R.; Larsen, Margaret E; Martinez, Adam M.; Walls, Deja S.
201804_Davis_Sydney_StomatalDensity_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Effect of Sunlight on Ilex aquifolium Stomatal DensityPike, David A.; Davis, Sydney L.; Goldman, Liam V.; Lynn, Katherine E.; Rankin, Emily P.