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Since 1996, the annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Symposium (URCAS) has been the culminating event of the academic year at Rhodes. During this symposium, students in a variety of disciplines present their work to the College community.

All materials in this collection are copyrighted by Rhodes College and subject to Title 17 of the U.S. Code. This documentation is provided for online research and access purposes only. Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute and present this material, without fee, and without written agreement, is hereby granted for educational, non-commercial purposes only. The Rhodes College Archives reserves the right to decide what constitutes educational and commercial use. In all instances of use, acknowledgement must be given to Rhodes College Archives and Special Collections, Memphis, TN. For information regarding permission to publish this material, please email the Archives at archives@rhodes.edu.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 79
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201804_Song_Yi_weightmatrices_slidedeck.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Characterization of weight matrices that induce torus actions of different propertiesSeaton, Christopher W. (Chris); Song, Yi
201804_Magee_Caroline_DesignofNovelInhibitorsfortheAldehydeDehydrogenases_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Design of Novel Inhibitors for the Aldehyde DehydrogenasesCafiero, Mauricio L.; Magee, Caroline A.; Selner, Emma F.; Peterson, Larryn W.
201804_Wittwer_Emmaline_DielsAlderReaction_Poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Diels-Alder Reaction to Synthesize Biologically Active MoleculesHorgen, Dana; Wittwer, Emmaline A.
201804_Roshong_Ried_TheModernCrusade_powerpoint.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The Modern Crusade: Understanding Christian Views of Homosexual MarriagePohlmann, Marcus D.; Johnson, Renee J.; Gray, Patrick; Roshong, Ried R.
201804_Zheng_Lin_Aeneid_Handout.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The Aeneid on Its Own TermsJansen, Joseph N. (Joe); Zheng, Linhao (Lin)
201804_demaris_nicholas_mythofnixonsopeningofchina_slidedeck.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The Myth of Nixon's Opening of ChinaLee, Seok-Won; DeMaris, Nicholas P. (Nick)
201804_Kappers_Grace_SSAMormonLabelRejecters_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Does Rejecting an LGB identity label negatively effect mental health? A study of same-sex attracted Mormon adultsLefevor, Gary T. (Tyler); Kappers, Grace D.; Sorrell, Sydney A.; Plunk, Ashley T.
201804_Alwis_Yavin_EmotionalInfluenceEnsemble_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Emotional judgments of individual scenes are influenced by unintentional averagingHaberman, Jason M.; Alwis, Yavin V.
201804_Gorena_Kiefer_4-String6-StringRedAmpBlueBass_Ad.pdf.jpg2018-04-274-String, 6-String, Red Amp, Blue Bass: My Experiences at Martin MusicKus, Susan M.; Gorena, Kiefer T.
201804_Roark_Evan_HeadacheClinic_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Characteristics of patients referred to Headache Clinic at Le Bonheur Children's HospitalKabelik, David; Roark, Evan L.; Koral, Lara; Polk, Tonya; Zarski, Christy; Ledet, Davonna; Smith, Webb
201804_williams_griffin_overtongapdynamics_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Treefall Gap Dynamics in an Urban Old Growth ForestPike, David A.; Williams, Griffin L.; Long, Marilyn I.; Hulsey, Colleen E.; Deery, Erin L.; Wilson, Mac; Massad, Tara
201804_Williamson_McLean_ElucidatingPaxBRole_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Elucidating the Role of Paxillin B in Septation in Aspergillus nidulansHill, Terry W.; Jackson-Hayes, Loretta; Williamson, McLean H. (Mac)
201804_Redding_Alisa_LakeBaikal_Poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Environmental Threats facing Lake BaikalHossler, Peter R.; Redding, Alisa P.
201804_Song_Yi_Electrostatics_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Electrostatics of two charged spheres at small separationBanerjee, Shubho; Song, Yi; Wilkerson, Blake
201804_Reilly_Caroline_RNP_Slidedeck.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Race, Nation, and PlaceChaddock, Noelle; Reilly, Caroline V.
201804_Petrinjak_Kate_Hansen_Meghan_Vernon_Elizabeth_OptimalpHDuckweed_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Control of environmental pH and its effects on duckweed leaf growthKabelik, David; Petrinjak, Katherine S. (Kate); Vernon, Elizabeth S.; Hansen, Meghan L.
201804_Loome_Jennifer_Ybx1epigenetics_ppt.pdf.jpg2018-04-27YBX1 Regulates Cell Proliferation in Developing Neural TubesMilburn, Luis J.; Loome, Jennifer F. (Jenny); Evans, Myron; Peng, Jamy
201804_Mullasseril_Anoushka_TargetingKDM6BasNeuroblastomaTreatment_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Targeting histone demethylase KDM6B for treatment of neuroblastomaBrien, Kimberly A. (Kim); Mullasseril, Anoushka S.; Rakiewicz, Tara; Yang, Jun
201804_Mabante_Madeleine_CHR23_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27The Arabidopsis chromatin remodeling ATPase, CHR23, demonstrates a novel parental effect on seed sizeFitzgerald, Jonathan N.; Mabante, Madeleine M. (Maddie)
201804_Murphree_Anna_ExoplanetImaging_poster.pdf.jpg2018-04-27Speckle movement by deformable mirror as exoplanet direct imaging techniqueYoung, Elizabeth J.; Murphree, Anna M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 79