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Title: Untitled
Authors: Beiser, Frank
Keywords: Student Artwork;2016 Spring;Paintings;Art and Art History, Department of
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2016
Publisher: Memphis, Tenn. : Art, Department of, Rhodes College
Abstract: Artist's statement: "For this piece I wished to complicate the relationship between the female nude and the frame of a pictorial space through a series of contrasts. I made the figure 3dimensional but also limited her physical make up to just a torso in order to simultaneously realize her as a person and an object. While from a frontal point of view the figure appears constrained to the boundaries of the frame, at other angles the female appears to have a life outside of the frame. While the frame suggests a rectangular space, the splatter gestures in the background suggest otherwise by breaking the edges of the rectangle. And while the pieces of the canvas suggest a flat image, they bend and break into the space to further complex the dimensionality of the piece. I believe this piece most effectively conveys the emotional intensity that I frequently attempt to communicate in my looser paintings. I am excited by the way in which this piece appears to have a clear relationship to its artist and hope to push that further in future work." This is a digital photograph of Frank Beiser's painting. It was submitted as an assignment in the spring 2016 Intermediate/Advanced Painting class taught by Professor Erin Harmon.
Description: This image was photographed and uploaded to DLynx in the Visual Resources Center during spring 2016.
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