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Title: BMC 19
Keywords: Coins;Images
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Memphis, Tenn. : Art Department, Rhodes College
Abstract: Small round coin that appears silver and dates from 35 BCE to 5 CE. Visibility is good. On the obverse is a male figure mounted on a horse, facing right. The image is raised and appears off center towards the left. Decorative border appears on the right side of the coin. The man has his right arm raised. The area around the torso of the man is dark and is no longer shiny. The area around the horse's head is dark and no longer shiny. There appears to be an inscription, but it is unable to be read. On the reverse is a male figure is standing left located in the center of the coin. Using anatomical positioning, the male figure has left arm outstretched to the left and is holding an unidentifiable object, potentially something with wings. To the right of the figure is a curved scepter that curves towards the head but the scepter is discontinuous with noticeable space between the two pieces about waist height on the figure. Two symbols appear to the right of the staff. One looks like an asterisk star and the other looks like a backwards three with the bottom of the letter z attached to the bottom. There is a line that could be a spear angled so that it touches the bottom of the inscription at the top of the coin and goes behind the shoulder of the male figure. There appears to be an inscription, but it is not legible because it appears to be cut off.
Description: This coin was acquired by the College on March 23, 2015 as part of a donation by Auben Gray Burkhart, a longtime friend of the College. The coin was digitized and added to DLynx by the Visual Resources Center during summer 2016. For additional information about this coin (including chemical analysis, condition information, measurements, additional provenance, and much more), please see the complete data set for the entire collection available here:
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