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Title: Modern aftercast of 1673 medal with neck ribbon, probably 20th century
Artists: Hérard, Gérard Léonard
Keywords: France;Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564;Medals
Issue Date: 1673
Abstract: General Description: The original version of this medal was created by Gérard Léonard Hérard (1630/37-1675)
Obverse Description: The medal's obverse feaures the right side profile of Michelangelo. The surround bears the inscription "M ANGELVS BONAROTVS PATRITIVS FLORENTINVS" (Michelangelo Buonarroti, Florentine Patrician) along with the medalist's name, HERARD.
Reverse Description: The reverse bears the legend "FAELICITER IVNXIT" (united in happiness) and features a torso surrounded by the attributes of painting, sculpture, and architecture within a landscape setting. The medal thus celebrates Michelangelo's excellence in the three major classifications of the visual arts. This theme is repeated in many subsequent medals. The Roman numerals "MDCLXXIII" refer to the founding of the Paris Salon in 1673.
Historical Context:
Artist Biography: The original version of this medal was created by Gérard Léonard Hérard (1630/37-1675), who was born in Liege (present day Belgium) and worked predominantly in France. Hérard became a member of the French Royal Academy in 1670. He produced various commissions for Louis XIV and worked with his compatriot Jean Warin (or Varin), who greatly influenced his style. For a time, Hérard worked at the Paris mint making medals, and jetons for the city of Paris. He also is known to have designed medals of Leonardo da Vinci, Louis XV, and Lambert de Liverlo, Bishop of Liege, all between 1669-1673. Hérard died young, at around 38 years of age.
Description: This medal was scanned and uploaded to DLynx by Bonnie Whitehouse '18 and Rachel Rotter '18 in the Visual Resources Center during the 2016-2017 school year.
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