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Title: Brownsville Klan Documents: Omeka Exhibit
Authors: Wright, Calum B.
Advisors: Newman, Jessica (Jess)
Keywords: Memphis (Tenn.);Student research;Crossroads to Freedom;Digital Preservation and Scholarship;Fellowships;Brownsville (Tenn.);Class of 2019;2017 Summer;Civil rights
Issue Date: 4-Aug-2017
Abstract: For my Digital Humanities project, I created an online Omeka exhibit of images from the collection of Klan documents from Brownsville, Tennessee. The goal in creating this project was to create an exhibit where viewers could digest the images, ideas, and propaganda in a way similar to how they would have originally been taken in. The striking images that the Klan published would draw people in to reading about their organization, goals, and ideals, so I have decided to make this possible with this exhibit. Another goal of the exhibit was to display these ideas and methods so that they could be learned from. This, and indeed all displays of history, are important in making sure that it does not repeat itself.
Description: Presentation by Calum Wright ('19) delivered at the Digital Preservation and Scholarship Summer symposium.
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