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Title: Optimizing Well-being in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Same-Sex-Attracted Mormons
Authors: Huffman, Caldwell E.
Blaber, Isabelle P. (Izzy)
Advisors: Lefevor, Gary T. (Tyler)
Keywords: URCAS;Student research;2018 Spring;Class of 2019;Sexual orientation;Religion;Psychology, Department of
Issue Date: 27-Apr-2018
Abstract: Little research exists on the intersection of sexuality and religiosity, especially in a Mormon context. Many conservative religions discourage same-sex identity, and prohibit same-sex sexual behavior, leading many sexual minorities in conservative religions to experience conflict. This study examines the psychosocial well-being of same-sex attracted (SSA) Mormons, using a new sample for analysis with a more diverse research team. The present study uses a subset of the data collected by Beckstead et al. 2018 from the 4 Options Survey to analyze mental health outcomes between four relationship statuses of LGB/SSA Mormons. In accordance with previous research, we propose that LGB/SSA Mormons' beliefs about religion and sexuality can significantly influence their well-being. We predict that those who report more positive sexual attitudes will also indicate better overall well-being than those who report negative sexual attitudes. Furthermore, those in affirming religious communities will demonstrate better overall well-being than those in non-affirming environments. The present study seeks to identify areas in which improvements can be made to optimize well-being among LGB/SSA members of the Mormon church. The broader topic of well-being (and how to optimize it) in this context is integral for those who counsel minority sexuality people of faith.
Description: Presentation by Caldwell Huffmann ('19) and Izzy Blaber ('19) delivered at the Rhodes College Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Symposium (URCAS).
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