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Title: Women around woman in white
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Memphis, Tenn. : Rhodes College Special Collections
Abstract: This image depicts a scene with many women. In the center of the image is a woman in white robes. Women in multicolored robes are on either side of her, holding her hands. She is walking towards two women in the far left edge. The women are crouching on their knees. In the room, there are many lanterns on tall white poles. On the wall in the background is flower print wallpaper. There are two women kneeling behind the woman in white who are wearing white robes draped over their heads and backs. Behind those two women are two more women in blue robes. The image has a white window mat and a black frame.
Description: This object was photographed and inventoried during summer 2017 by Jane Esklidsen '19 and Reagan Alley '18. It was uploaded to DLynx during fall 2018. Please note that the date issued field refers to the date of the digital object's creation. The temporal coverage field contains date information for the actual physical object, when known.
Appears in Collections:Rhodes College Collection of Artwork and Artifacts

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