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Title: PSYC 485-01, Senior Seminar, Fall 2006
Authors: Ackerman, Bette
Keywords: Psychology, Department of;Syllabus;Curriculum;Academic departments;Text;2006 Fall
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2006
Publisher: Memphis, Tenn. : Rhodes College
Series/Report no.: Syllabi CRN
Abstract: Course Description This course is designed to give students the opportunity to apply and enhance the analytical and research skills that are at the core of being a psychology major. Students will collaborate on a major research project, seeking to integrate work they have done in understanding psychological theory, in using research methods, and in applying psychological theory and research to contemporary issues. Course Objectives Senior Seminar is intended to be a “capstone” experience for students at Rhodes, and is meant to review and extend their research skills. Students will review a body of literature pertinent to a research project they will undertake. Each student will become fully conversant with the research and theory that is relevant to his or her project. The level of expertise students gain by the completion of their senior papers should prepare them to communicate effectively with professionals in their area of study. Student Skills 1. To expose students to various aspects of the research process including conducting literature reviews, managing a data set, conducting data analysis, writing up research results in APA format, and disseminating results. 2. To enhance students oral communication and presentation skills by giving them the opportunity to make presentations of their work and additional readings throughout the semester. 3. To expose students to a research-collaboration model in which they gain experience working as part of a research team and gain experience providing critical feedback to their peers on their work.
Description: This syllabus was submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs by the course instructor.
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