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Title: The Plague Within the Pandemic: COVID-19 and the School-Prison Pipeline
Authors: Victorian, Mi'Destini
Keywords: COVID-19;Education;Disparities;Race;Criminalization;Institute for Regional Studies
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2021
Abstract: Since March of 2020 COVID-19 has affected the lives of many around the world and continues to do so, even as the world has reopened for the conduction of business. Considering how in the United States specific marginalized communities have endured a history of dehumanization and destruction, this current state breeds alarm for how Black children’s education, youth, and innocence is up for grabs by those designing and maintaining systems of inequality. Proceeding in colorblind ideologies with an absence of necessary, honest conversations, this country refuses to take responsibility for the livelihood of Black bodies and them being funneled through the School-Prison Pipeline. As a result, Black children attending schools in low-income communities are at risk as existing elements of inequity and disparity are exasperated during this time. Through review of literature and survey data, I use this research to bring light on how we are living in the wake of continuous violence while systemic transformation should bea priority. This work highlights an issue between the educational and criminal justice systems that could otherwise be faded into the background as the world continues to resist the holistic humanization of Black bodies.
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