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dc.description.abstractThis course is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of some of the statistical procedures used in psychological research. There will be an emphasis on the interpretation of the statistical results rather than on rote memorization of complicated equations. You will be required to adopt the APA style of reporting statistics, which is the standard used within Psychology. In addition to helping you to learn the skills and techniques of statistical evaluation and analysis, τ€ƒŽIt is my goal that you develop an intuitive grasp of statistics--that is, an appreciation for the logical structure of statistical analysis and its critical role in psychology. I will not expect you to memorize formulae, but I do expect you to develop a critical understand of the statistical methods and their applications. Course Goals/Objectives: a. gaining factual knowledge (including basic descriptive statistics as well information about sampling) b. understanding of the basic principles of hypothesis testing & inferential statistics (learning how the principles and procedures combine to make a coherent whole) c. learning to apply statistical procedures to real world questions (recognizing questions which can be answered through quantitative analysis, as well as knowing which procedures are appropriate for specific problems) By achieving these three essential goals, you will begin to understand how psychologists think about problems, as well as learn many of the basic principles you will need to critically evaluate researchen_US
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dc.titlePSYC 211-01, Statistical Methods, Spring 2007en_US
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