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Presidents of the Masonic University of Tennessee W.F. Hopkins, 1848-49 and Richard Nelson Newell, 1849-50. Presidents of Montgomery Masonic College William A. Forbes, 1850-53 and William M. Stewart, 1853-55. Presidents of Stewart College William M. Stewart, 1855-58, R. B. McMullen, 1859-1962, William M. Stewart, 1869-1870 (Acting), and J. B. Shearer, 1870-1870. Chancellors of Southwestern Presbyterian University John N. Waddel, 1879-88, Charles C. Hersman, 1888-91, James M. Rawlings, 1891-92, George Summey, 1892-1903, George F. Nicolassen, 1903-1905 (Acting), Neander M. Woods, 1905-08, and Wiliam Dinwiddie, 1908-14. Presidents of Southwestern Presbyterian University John R. Dobyns, 1914-17, George Lang, Acting 1/1917-6/1917, and Charles E. Diehl, 1917-25. Presidents of Southwestern Charles E. Diehl, 1925-49. Presidents of Southwestern at Memphis Peyton Nalle Rhodes, 1949-65, John David Alexander, 1965-69, William L. Bowden, 1969-73, and James H. Daughdrill, 1973-1984. President of Rhodes College James H. Daughdrill, 1984-1999 and William E. Troutt, 1999-


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Holiday Greetings Calendars

These tent calendars have been issued by the President's Office since 1938. The collection