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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Gaze_v5n7_1984-07.jpg.jpg1984-07Gaze, July 1984Cook, Allen; Johnson, Geoff; Lane, Alan; Pickett, D.E.; McMullen, Charlie; Urhig, Larry; Thompson, Jeff; James, Timothy; Powell, Tommy; Taylor, Carole; Thompson, Harvey
Gaze_v6n1_1985-01.jpg.jpg1985-01Gaze, January 1985Stilwell, John; Cook, Allen; Burke, Sue; Thompson, Harvey; Urhig, Larry; Thompson, Jeff
Gaze_v4n5_1983-05.jpg.jpg1983-05Gaze, May 1983Sullivan, Ric; Stilwell, John; Russell, Regina; Johnson, Bill; Thompson, Jeff; Cook, Allen; Gilbert, John; Coleman, Emily
Gaze_v5n8_1984-09.jpg.jpg1984-09Gaze, September 1984Stilwell, John; Dolly, Dishing; Thompson, Jeff; James, Timothy; Cook, Allen; McMullen, Charlie; Urhig, Larry; Peace, Joy; Thompson, Harvey; Berrill, Kevin; Burns, Judy; Williams, Todd
Gaze_v5n1_1984-01.jpg.jpg1984-01Gaze, January 1984Stilwell, John; Cook, Allen; Sullivan, Ric; McQuay, Joseph; Thompson, Jeff; Clad, Michelle
Gaze_v5n9_1984-10.jpg.jpg1984-10Gaze, October 1984Cook, Allen; Williams, Todd; Stilwell, John; McMullen, Charlie; Sharp, Kip; Thompson, Harvey; Thompson, Jeff; Taylor, Carole; Norcross, Jim; Urhig, Larry; Williams, Todd
Gaze_v5n3_1984-03.jpg.jpg1984-03Gaze, March 1984Cook, Allen; Stilwell, John; Thompson, Jeff; Thompson, Harvey; Siminoski, Dan; Urhig, Larry; Lorch, Paul; Forrest, Katherine
Gaze_v5n3_1984-04.jpg.jpg1984-04Gaze, April 1984Cook, Allen; Thompson, Jeff; Thompson, Harvey; Henry, Patrick; Urhig, Larry; Siminoski, Dan
Gaze_v0n0_1984-12.jpg.jpg1984-12Gaze, December 1984Cook, Allen; Thompson, Jeff; Urhig, Larry; Thompson, Harvey; Wyche, Linda; Cook, Allen; Stilwell, John
Gaze_v4n12_1983-12.jpg.jpg1983-12Gaze, December 1983Cook, Allen; Walter, Dave; McMullen, Charlie; Thompson, Jeff; Correll, Scott; Smith, Thomas; Sullivan, Ric; White, Allen; Hansen, John; Bourdonnay, Katherine