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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Gaze_v3n3_1982-03.jpg.jpg1982-03Gaze, March 1982Russell, Regina; Sullivan, Ric; Johnson, Bill; Denton, Parker; Coleman, Emily; May, Audrey
Gaze_v3n12_1982-12.jpg.jpg1982-12Gaze, December 1982Sullivan, Ric; Stilwell, John; Katz, Martin; Tate, Joel; Reed, Rick; May, Audrey; Smith, Thomas; Tate, Joel
Gaze_v2n7_1981-07.jpg.jpg1981-07Gaze, July 1981Sullivan, Ric; Taft, Jennifer; Russell, Regina; Johnson, Bill; Bush, Mike; St. John, Clifton; Stevenson, Bill; Rochman, Emily; Russell, Regina; Murphy, Kathleen; May, Audrey; Coleman, Emily; Alexander, David
Gaze_v2n8_1981-08.jpg.jpg1981-08Gaze, August 1981Russell, Regina; Bush, Mike; Johnson, Bill; St. John, Clifton; Rochman, Emily; Sullivan, Ric; Kearn, Marcia; Coleman, Emily; May, Audrey; Taft, Jennifer
Gaze_v2n6_1981-06.jpg.jpg1981-06Gaze, June 1981Rochman, Emily; Sullivan, Ric; Russell, Regina; St. John, Clifton; Coleman, Emily; Stevenson, Bill; May, Audrey
Gaze_v3n8_1982-08.jpg.jpg1982-08Gaze, August 1982Goldsmith, Larry; Sullivan, Ric; Johnson, Bill; Reed, Rick; Russell, Regina; Tate, Joel; May, Audrey
Gaze_v3n5_1982-05.jpg.jpg1982-05Gaze, May 1982Johnson, Bill; Kearn, Marcia; Correll, Scott; Russell, Regina; Sullivan, Ric; May, Audrey; Kearn, Marcia; Taft, Jennifer; Rothschilde, Steven; Russell, Regina
Gaze_v3n6_1982-06.jpg.jpg1982-06Gaze, June 1982Russell, Regina; Sullivan, Ric; Johnson, Bill; May, Audrey
Gaze_v3n7_1982-07.jpg.jpg1982-07Gaze, July 1982Smith, Susan; Tate, Joel; Johnson, Bill; Reed, Rick; May, Audrey; Sullivan, Ric
Gaze_v3n1_1982-01.jpg.jpg1982-01Gaze, January 1982Sullivan, Ric; Johnson, Bill; Rothschilde, Steven; Coleman, Emily; Kearn, Marcia; May, Audrey; Russell, Regina; Stevenson, Bill; Taft, Jennifer; Walker, O.C.