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1967Two Women: A study of the death theme in Emily Dickinson and Edna Saint Vincent MillayMemphis, Tenn. : Rhodes College; Pruitt, Kristin
20-May-1968Psychological Health Among Volunteers, Non-volunteersConroy, George I.
15-May-1981Release on Recognizance: an empirical and legal analysisChristie, James S.
13-Jun-2008A novel connection between the Nuclear Pore Complex and The Cell Division Cycle in Saccharomyces cerevisiae:The Nucleoporins Nup84 and Nup188 are Significant to the Activity of the G1 Cyclin Cln3Cullender, Tyler
13-Jun-2008The Worst Behaved City in the Union:The Impact of the Memphis Riots on Reconstruction PoliticsDoyle, Joseph
16-Jun-2008Contesting the Boundaries of Womanhood: Female Reformers and Sex-Workers in Memphis, 1880-1920Cundiff, Ashley
May-2009An Unprecedented Conversation: The Limits of President Clinton's Advisory Board onBarnes, Taylor E.
12-May-2009Development of a novel ultrasonic measurement systemto investigate the viscoelastic properties of fluidsSmith, Jenna Kathleen
15-May-2009I Narrate, Therefore, I Am: How the Construction of a Storied Self BridgesWilson, Stephanie J.
15-May-2009How Domain Differences Impact the Mode Structure of Expert Tutoring DialogueCade, Whitney Layne
15-May-2009Daedalus, Dedalus, and JoyceKingman, James Robert
15-May-2009Developing an American Ahimsa: The Rev. James M. Lawson Jr.'s Paradigm of ProtestSiracusa, Anthony C. III
12-May-2010Analysis of the C-terminal domain of SccA, a putative cell wall stress receptor inWard, Jacqueline
12-May-2010Electoral College Reform and the Two-Party System: Four Case Studies in Electoral College ReformZanca, Peter
12-May-2010This is a Work of Fiction: Rethinking the “Doing” of PhilosophyWadley, Mark
12-May-2010Caffeine Physiolology Arousal, and Mood: The Effects Of Caffeine and Induced Mood on Brain Activity, Heart Rate, and Attitude ChangeConey, Kelly
12-May-2010Benzil Based Inhibitors of CarboxylesterasesParkinson, Elizabeth
12-May-2010Molecular Modeling of the Metabolism of Acetaminophen andHofto, Laura Rebecca, Class of 2010
12-May-2010Regulated expression of the SccA gene by the inducible AlcAMusgrove, John Larkin, Jr.
12-May-2010The C-terminal domain of the GDP-mannose transporter, GmtA, is essential for localization to the Golgi apparatus in Aspergillus nidulansJohnson, Laura Raquel