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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jan-2013HIST 105-04, WWII America, Spring 2013Saxe, Robert Francis
22-Aug-2012HIST 105-05, American History, American Music, Fall 2012Saxe, Robert Francis; McKinney, Charles W.
11-Jan-2011HIST 105-05, Americans in Paris, Spring 2011Jackson, Jeffrey H.
11-Jan-2012HIST 105-05, Americans in Paris, Spring 2012Jackson, Jeffrey H.
24-Aug-2011HIST 105-05, Child Studies Learning Community, Fall 2011Murray, Gail S.
25-Aug-2008HIST 105-05, China's Cultural Revolution, Fall 2008Brown, Clayton D.
26-Aug-2009HIST 105-05, Latin American Fiction and History, Fall 2009Hiatt, Willie
13-Mar-2008HIST 105-05, The African American Intellectual Traditions, Fall 2005McKinney, Charles W.
22-Aug-2007HIST 105-05, The British Empire and Its Enemies, Fall 2007Zastoupil, Lynn
25-Aug-2010HIST 105-05, Topics in History: Why Hitler?, Fall 2010Hatfield, Douglas W.
10-Jan-2007HIST 105-05, Topics in History: Why Hitler?, Spring 2007Hatfield, Douglas W.
14-Jan-2009HIST 105-05, Topics in History: Why Hitler?, Spring 2009Hatfield, Douglas W.
13-Jan-2010HIST 105-05, Topics in History: Why Hitler?, Spring 2010Hatfield, Douglas W.
10-Mar-2008HIST 105-06, Celluloid Soul: An Introduction to the History of African Americans in Film, Spring 2006Pruitt, Dwain C.
11-Jan-2012HIST 105-06, Early Latino America, Spring 2012Mongey, Vanessa
13-Mar-2008HIST 105-06, From Superman to Sin City: A Cultural History of Comic Books, Fall 2005Pruitt, Dwain C.
25-Aug-2008HIST 105-06, Introductory Seminar: America's Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Fall 2008Hild, Matthew
24-Aug-2011HIST 105-06, Revolutions and Revolutionaries in Modern East Asia, Fall 2011Lee, Seok-Won
9-Jan-2013HIST 105-06, Selected topics in African American History, Spring 2012McKinney, Charles W.
25-Aug-2010HIST 105-06, The Era of the American Revolution, Fall 2010Murray, Gail S.