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Title: Critiqued Assignment #2: Irony versus Sincerity / "Untitled"
Authors: Lewis, Edie
Keywords: Student Artwork;2017 Spring;Paintings;Art, Department of
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2017
Publisher: Memphis, Tenn. : Art, Department of, Rhodes College
Abstract: This is a digital photograph of Edith Lewis's painting. It was submitted as the second critiqued assignment, "Irony versus Sincerity," on March 1, 2017 in Erin Harmon's Intermediate/Advanced Painting class. All pieces are 36x48 or larger; acrylic on canvas. The artist's statement reads: "The slightly different shades of dark blue making the background of this painting create a space which is less structured. The foggy lines which shoot out from in between the two different sets of figures gradually get wider as they reach the edges of the canvas and lead the eye around the painting as a whole, the figures, and to the center point of the painting. This foggy background compared to the sharp lines and edges of the multi-colored, and rendered figures, forces them to standout distinctly. While the drawn figure on the far right is painted with sharp lines instead of foggy or rendered strokes, it demonstrates movement and is unrealistic or ghost-like, which is somewhat contradictory. The figures drawn in color also contrast with the rendered blond and brunette figures, which is pleasing to the eye because of the sharp differences in lines and value, and this makes the painting contradictory as a whole."
Description: This image was photographed and uploaded to DLynx in the Visual Resources Center during spring 2017.
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